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Hello! This is a demonstration of a talking picture. Notice, it is a picture of me and I am talking. Note how my lips and the sound issuing from them are synchronized together in perfect unison.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrations by Gwynedd M. Hudson - 1922

anonymous requested: downton abbey + rainbow colours

Oh Amy, I hear the song of your sadness.

assemblyfairytale: The Snow Queen


Disney Princesses + twirling {requested by magicmisguided}

tenth doctor + season four

Down the rabbit hole we go...
♥ lover of fairy tales, all things alice in wonderland, gene kelly movies, in the flesh, penny dreadful, merlin, doctor who, downton abbey, supernatural, disney, once upon a time in wonderland, the walking dead, michael j fox, the monkees/davy jones, pugs, pirates, the wizard of oz, movie musicals and books ♥

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